Banner Motorsports Industrial Flyer Luna Sol Swag
  • White light LED 12V exterior and waterproof angled flood porch light.  Light measures 8" and includes black bezel.
  • Exterior white metal water heater door for 6 gallon water heaters.   Door assembly includes outer trim and removeable door.
  • Black cabinet door latch with a non-locking arm.  Arm measures 1-3/4".    Latch is used in cabinet doors and is interchangeable with the locking arm cabinet door latch.
  • Cooktop cover for drop in cooktop stoves.  Available covers are black and come in glass or metal options.   Glass options includes lock in place hinges.   Metal option includes lock in place side wind guards. Both covers are interchangeable, and can be used on all 2 burner D21 cooktop stoves. When installing, it is recommended to use blue loc-tite on the cover hinges.
  • White plastic exterior refrigerator vent used for upper and lower vented locations.  Vent includes vent cover and vent trim to clip into place.
  • Sol Front LP Cover Kit

    This complete kit is a direct replacement for the front LP cover assembly. The Silver kit includes a silver LP cover, "Sol" logo decal and hairpin hood latches.  The Black kit includes a black LP cover, "Sol" logo decal, "Rover" name decal and hairpin hood latches. Please note, the parts in the kit come loose, not pre-installed.
  • 15" soft close drawer slides used for interior cabinet drawers.  Slides come as a pair, left hand & right hand.  The slides are used in all Sol and Terra models.
  • Front LP cover for all Sol models.  This heavy-duty plastic cover is custom made to fit perfectly over the LP tank on the front of all Sol models.  Part includes blank cover only and comes in Black or Silver.
  • This hinge kit will allow all upper cabinet doors to stay open when in use and will provide a tighter close for the doors. This kit can be installed on the Horizon and Dawn models, and will convert all upper cabinet doors.  The kit includes hinges, and all install hardware.
  • Used on inTech RV Luna rear hatch door - Right and left hand options. Comes with key and cam. Keyed alike. 90CCW, Ext. 1 1/2 cc, 2 1/4 BB Long
  • 15" Slimline Chrome Trim Ring- used with light(s) Slimline Brake, Turn, & Running LED Light and Slimline Chrome LED Backup Light
  • Utilizing the backup prep on Sol or Terra units, this allows you to monitor your vehicle in tow, assist you while backing up or to work as a rearview mirror providing an extra level of security and confidence. *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria