Banner Motorsports Industrial Flyer Luna Sol Swag
  • Grey netting measures 6" x 19". Creates functional storage space by using netting and steel framing. Mounts flush to any open wall space. Includes mounting hardware for installation. Please note - this item is currently discontinued and is no longer being used on production units.  Stock quantity is limited.
  • Red LED clearance light strip. The light is dust and water proof. It's mounted with two screws at the top and bottom, and the screws are covered with two clear screw covers. The light runs on 12V. The light measures 15" x 1.25". *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria
  • Black exterior antenna. Heavy duty design, meant to withstand mobile environments. 13” rubber mast, with attached 72” cable.
  • Cable Clamp available in left or right hand style. Aluminum and includes hardware.
  • Mini LED Clearance Light. The light is sealed and waterproof. The light runs on 12V. It is surface mount. Includes a bezel.
  • This is a complete kit to replace the front LP cover assembly. This kit includes one Front LP Cover, one Front Moon "Luna" Decal and two Swell Action Latches. The kit will be shipped with installation instructions
  • LED Light for a license plate bracket. Black finish. The light is dust and waterproof. Easy to install, using only two screws. Runs on 12V. Goes with the License Plate Bracket. Measures 2.25" x 2.2" x .72" *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria
  • Door holdback ball and socket style. Aluminum finish. Available in Black and Mill Finish (shown). *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria
  • Dual 20# LP Tank Kit includes regulator, tank pan, LP hoses and rods. This kit will convert a one LP tank set up into a two LP tank set up. This kit will only work on Sol units. *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria
  • Compartment/ gen Door Latch commonly used on motorsports trailers and fiber optic trailers. Door lock can be used on generator doors and locking baggage doors. Door lock comes with lock, striker plate and key. Please note - Keys are AE***; key provided will work your new lock but we cannot guarantee this lock key assembly will match any other similar locks on your trailer.
  • 16" Pull Cable w/Mount Brackets, No Striker Plate (Slide Out Step). Used on inTech Motorsports Trailers and on Industrial Trailers.
  • Stainless steel roll up sink cover. Cover best fits the sink used in the Sol units. When cover is not being used, it is easy to store in drawer located in the Sol kitchen. Cover measures 25.5" x 14.75" *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria  
  • Rear caster wheel, solid tire. Includes brackets and hardware for installation.
  • White LED Exterior Light, circle. Thin surface mount design and moisture resistant. Light runs on 12V. Bezel included.
  • Clearance light measuring 3/4" included with the light is a black grommet surrounding the bulb. The light is non-directional. It is sealed and waterproof. The light runs on 12V.
  • Angled LED Porch Light

    LED light with black housing. The light is sealed and waterproof. Runs on 12V and comes with hard wires, lead and ground wires. Measures 11" long.  *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria 
  • License plate bracket is black powder coated. Includes washer and screws for installation. The bracket is made of heavy-duty steel. Measures 8.5" x 3". *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria
  • Stainless steel hook rail bar. Hook bar measures 10" and has four hooks. Hooks will easily hold kitchen accessories, coats, towels, bathroom accessories and various bedroom accessories. Hardware include. *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria
  • Roof rack clamp brackets.
  • Black scissor jack handle. Allows you to manually crank the jack to raise or lower them.
  • Black roof rack, includes two cross members and four mounting feet. Cross members measure 72” long. This roof rack can be used on all Luna models. Use the roof rack for additional storage while traveling and/or add an awning to enjoy while camping. Install guide is included when shipped.
  • Chrome finished decal. Measures 6" x 1.5". Four icons included in decal strip. Actions include; bicycling, kayaking, hiking and fishing.
  • Heavy duty design antenna, meant to withstand off-road and mobile environments. 6" rubber mast, with attached 39" cable.
  • Aluminum grab handle. Measures 13"