Banner Motorsports Industrial Flyer Luna Sol Swag
  • Aluminum grab handle. Measures 13"
  • License plate bracket is black powder coated. Includes washer and screws for installation. The bracket is made of heavy-duty steel. It measures 8-1/2" x 3". Available for separate purchase / often bought together License Plate Light LED.
  • Exterior door holdback with strike. Aluminum finish.
  • 2" grey wall coat hook. Include hardware for easy install.
  • Zip universal replacement breakaway cable 4'. Quick & easy hook up for the breakaway cable - no more dragging on the ground.
  • 36" Blue LED light rope with 3M tape backing. Rope is 12V powered.
  • Threaded Alum Knob 3/8"-16 x 3" Four-Arm Alum Head, with Riv-nut. Often used to hold down removable fenders
  • Black magnetic door holdback.   3-3/8" long and includes stop.     Used on the SOL entry door.
  • Rub Rail Screw Cover

    Black screw cover installed on the edge rub rail for the Flyer units.  Flexible screw cover that slides into the rub rail track.  Cover is cut to size to fit each unit. Qty one will provide enough material to replace entire part on the unit.
  • LED light with chrome housing. The light measures 11" long. The light is sealed and waterproof. Runs on 12V and comes with hard wires, lead and ground wires.
  • Chrome finished decal. Chrome and black badge style decal. Measure 4" x 4". "Small" badge
  • Black swell action latch, heavy duty. This latch allows for quick and easy access to open the front LP cover. The LP cover uses two latches.