Banner Motorsports Industrial Flyer Luna Sol Swag
  • On/Off Battery Disconnect Switch. Panel mounted with knob handle. This disconnect controls the 12V power coming from the deep cycle battery.
  • Rub Rail Screw Cover

    Black screw cover installed on the edge rub rail for the Flyer units.  Flexible screw cover that slides into the rub rail track.  Cover is cut to size to fit each unit. Qty one will provide enough material to replace entire part on the unit.
  • Black mini on-off battery disconnect switch with knob. Switch helps control the 12V power coming from the battery into the RV. Single circuit and measures 3" x 3". *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria
  • The black gussets are used to help add extra stabilization to the roof rack on the Flyers. This kit includes four corner gussets and screws for installation.  *Please note - ordering QTY 1 = four gussets + screws*
  • Oval shape. Cool white LED light, with chrome finish housing. Measure 8". Bright light that illuminates in the downward position. Runs on 12V.
  • LED License plate light. Light runs on 12V, polished chrome finish. Includes mounting gasket.
  • LED light with chrome housing. The light measures 11" long. The light is sealed and waterproof. Runs on 12V and comes with hard wires, lead and ground wires.
  • Stainless License Plate Bracket with 'inTech Trailers' laser-cut into bracket
  • iT Logo Decal, 14.5" x 14.75" Orange and Black. Flat standard-style decal.
  • Striker Plates (Pair) with screws for inTech Motorsport Trailer with a ramp door that uses paddle latches. These Stiker Plates are for the door and receive the paddle to latch the door closed. Sold by the pair. *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria
  • This kit will convert the Luna front LP swell latches to a hairpin hood latch style. This new latch style will add more security to the cover while towing the Luna. The kit includes; 2 aluminum plates, 2 washers, a hairpin hood latch kit and an install guide.
  • 12v ON-OFF switches, Black with Plate & Cover – 3 Gang