Banner Motorsports Industrial Flyer Luna Sol Swag
  • Cabinet Door Latch Cabinet Latch. Locking 1.75" Arm. Includes .375" mounting bracket. Available in Chrome or Black (shown).  Latch is used in cabinet doors and is interchangeable with the non-locking arm cabinet door latch. *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria
  • Compartment/ gen Door Latch commonly used on motorsports trailers and fiber optic trailers. Door lock can be used on generator doors and locking baggage doors. Door lock comes with lock, striker plate and key. Please note - Keys are AE***; key provided will work your new lock but we cannot guarantee this lock key assembly will match any other similar locks on your trailer.
  • Door holdback ball and socket style. Aluminum finish. Available in Black and Mill Finish (shown). *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria
  • Exterior door holdback with strike. Aluminum finish. Available in Black or Mill Finish (shown). *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria
  • FMVSS quality entry door latch with key and deadbolt. TriMark. Comes with lock, keys, striker plate, and screws to assemble and install.   Note -  Tri Mark latch brand is currently out of stock, and on backorder until further notice.  All orders will be filled with a replacement brand, which can be fitted for replacement of a Tri Mark latch.
  • 16" Pull Cable w/Mount Brackets, No Striker Plate (Slide Out Step). Used on inTech Motorsports Trailers and on Industrial Trailers.
  • Ideal for movement and perimeters joints. Meets ASTM C920, S, NS, Class 50, NT, M, GA, O. Meets AAMA 802 and 805 standards. Can be used on materials such as aluminum, glass, masonry, some plastics, painted or unpainted metals. Compatible with sealed units. Indoor and outdoor use. Excellent resistance to UVs. Non-corrosive. Low VOC. Cannot be painted
  • Travel Trailer latch with lock and deadbolt. Uses Global Link keys. Key codes vary and we cannot guarantee that quantities over 1 will have the same key code. New installs will need striker plate.