Banner Motorsports Industrial Flyer Luna Sol Swag
  • 8" x 68" black stretch netting. Used along the upper countertop section in the Luna kitchen. Netting can be used to help keep stored items in place white traveling.
  • 2" grey wall coat hook. Include hardware for easy install.
  • Black mini on-off battery disconnect switch with knob. Single circuit and measures 3" x 3". Switch helps control the 12V power coming from the battery into the RV.
  • Black scissor jack handle. Allows you to manually crank the jack to raise or lower them.
  • Interior fabric window curtains. Includes two side window panels and two entry door window panels. Side window panels measure 58" x 28" and the entry door window panels measure 28" x 24.5".
  • Chrome finished decal. Installed on Flyers and Lunas. Measures 13" x 1.5"
  • Chrome finished decal. Transparent Orange & Charcoal. Installed on Flyers and Lunas.
  • Chrome finished decal. Moon with the "Luna" logo.
  • Flyer Name Logo Decal

    Chrome finished decal. Used on the font of the RV.
  • Chrome finished decal. One Luna unit uses three crescent moon decals.
  • Black cup holder with plug. Measures 3-3/4".
  • Grey netting measures 6" x 19". Creates functional storage space by using netting and steel framing. Mounts flush to any open wall space. Includes mounting hardware for installation. Please note - this item is currently discontinued and is no longer being used on production units.  Stock quantity is limited.