Banner Motorsports Industrial Flyer Luna Sol Swag
  • Windshield Cover

    Exterior windshield cover made from black, heavy canvas. The cover comes in two different sizes, one size fits all Luna models, the other size fits the Sol model.   The cover will help prevent against any possible damage when traveling. Sol model cover will include a top railing trim piece along with silver button style snaps that are install onto the front cap. Luna model cover will include silver button style snaps to install along the front cap. Please note -  inTech's current windshield cover style will be shipped.  If the unit has the silver peg style fasters installed, this cover is not a direct replacement. *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria
  • Gray bungee cord with fastener ends, installed on open cabinet storage areas. 5 sizes available. Please measure the storage area width and note quantity needed to ensure correct ordering. Quantity of one (1) bungee cord. *Please note - for easy install, a right angled drilled is HIGHLY recommended.* *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria