Banner Motorsports Industrial Flyer Luna Sol Swag
  • White LED Exterior Light, circle. Thin surface mount design and moisture resistant. Light runs on 12V. Bezel included.
  • Roof mounted strobe light, often included on inTech fiber - commercial trailers
  • 15" Slimline Chrome Trim Ring- used with light(s) Slimline Brake, Turn, & Running LED Light and Slimline Chrome LED Backup Light
  • Angled LED light. The light is sealed and waterproof. Runs on 12V and comes with hard wires, lead and ground wires. Available in Black or Chrome(Shown) and in 8" or 13.7"(Shown) lengths. *Additional Information in box below refers to shipping criteria
  • 15" Slimline LED backup light. Low profile and slimline design. Runs on 12v. Attaches with 1 screw at each end. Bezel sold separately, part# 100. Can be used with or without bezel.